Now who’s this so-called nerd?

I am Nils, nickname ‘nilsbyte’. I basically grew up with computers around me. I always have been fascinated by technology and science. Since my childhood computers are a part of my life. I mostly used them to play video games back then, but in that time you really needed to know how stuff works in order to get it to run.

Two things resulted from this, my passion for video games and my knowledge of the technical aspects of hardware and software. Even now in work-life I can’t do my job without computers. I am an art director in the marketing business. I love visuality. The ability to recognize good design is great (a lot of people can’t or really just don’t care). Therefore it’s hardly surprising that I am a amateur photographer. Maybe i will publish some of my photo projects here in the future. Unfortunately I don’t have all the time I wanted for it.

I consider myself neither as a nerd, nor as a geek. I would rather call myself a nereek, a hybrid of both. But decide yourself; i am a fan of Star Trek and i generally love sci-fi, I don’t read comics, I am a designer, I play video games, I wear iconic and/or movie/game-related shirts, I don’t like fantasy role playing. Anyways, I had to put a name over this blog, and now it’s the nerd.


What’s the deal about these bits?

This blog has the purpose of sharing my experience and discoveries. Why should people make the same mistakes as me if I could prevent that by sharing mine? Topics reach from gaming related stuff over hard- and software reviews to my own projects. It’s also meant to be an archive for myself to document what I have been doing all the time. So all these ‘bits’ of information found on my blog will cumulate to a base of knowledge over time. If you have suggestions for additional topics, feel free to contact me.


Aah, now i understand…?

See? NERD, that’s me, ‘nilsbyte’ … BITS, the bits and pieces that form my daily tech-life… result in that blog – NERDBITS – which you are visiting at the moment. I hope you enjoy your stay!