Guide: Retrogaming through emulation (Part 1: Organizing)

SNES styled usb gamepad

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2 Responses

  1. ocelot says:

    Cool thanks

  2. Lady Eklipse says:

    I’ve developed a tool for sorting and renaming files for ZX Spectrum:
    ZX Pokemaster.
    It can sort, rename and organize files based on their hashsums. Very easy to use and designed specifically for ZX Spectrum!
    I hope it will be useful for those trying to organize their ZX Spectrum files collections.
    Also it has a large database of cheat codes: it creates .POK files which are opened automatically by emulators when corresponding game file is opened. Then you’ll be able to use cheat codes for 3000+ games without having to look for them online ;)
    Currently it contains information about files from both TOSEC and
    Download here:

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